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Gili Islands

Gili Islands

Gili means island in Bahasa Indonesia and there are thousands of them in the archipelago but the three small islands off the mainland of Lombok are without a
doubt the most famous. With no motorized vehicles, the little sand islands are
holiday heaven and each is a little bit different.

Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan has grown at an incredible pace in the last decade since
travellers discovered it. With a great range of accommodation, restaurants and
bars, it still offers amazing natural beauty, clear water and is the perfect place to dive into a great holiday adventure. Gili Trawangan is the busiest of the islands, yet despite its reputation as a party island it offers a great balance between island life with plenty of entertainment options. It can be as simple and affordable, or as luxurious as you like. Enjoy local markets, quiet villages, explore charming back roads, laid back sunset spots and enjoy white sand beaches with crystal clear waters. Snorkel off the beach or grab a local boat and swim with turtles, visit the beautiful reefs, learn to dive or simply relax.

Gili Meno

The middle island is possibly the most romantic. It has also grown up in the last  few years and offers some luxurious options alongside the simple local places to stay that travellers have loved forever. Enjoy a freshly caught lobster cooked over coals on the beach, enjoy a fresh coconut right off the tree, dive into some of the most beautiful beaches in the archipelago. Many fall in love with Meno. It still has a very laid back, local atmosphere that has been a well-kept secret for many years. Some of the best snorkeling off the beach is right here. Gili Air and Gili Trawangan are a short boat ride away.

Gili Air

Named for its fresh water, “air” was a simple fishing village not so long ago. It
still has a very serene and beautiful feeling about it. The beaches here are equally as beautiful as its neighboring islands, yet it has a personality all its own. Gili Air is home to laid-back evenings and stunning sunrises, accommodation is simple or stunning, depending on your budget, and the village feel is part of the appeal. Diving, snorkeling, beach bars and cycling round the island are among the favorite activities here. The closest to the mainland, Gili Air is also the simplest of the little islands with the perfect sprinkle of sophistication.

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