Canggu Bali surf offers something for everyone, from softer slower waves for beginner surfers to hollow barreling waves for expert surfers. The Canggu surfing spots stretch out along around 5 kilometers of beachfront ranging from Berawa in the southeast, nearest to Kuta, to Pererenan in the northwest, closer to Bali’s famous Tanah lot temple.

Berawa Surf Spot

Berawa has a sand bottom with some flat rock bottom areas. The bottom shape is a typical beach break with a gradually slope. Berawa is an intermediate wave, pretty fast, but not super fast and not particularly likely to barrel, although sometimes you will find experts surfing in the green room here.

Batu Bolong Surf Spot

Around 1.5 kilometers up the coast to the northwest, you come to Batu Bolong. Batu Bolong is a reef break, but it breaks in deep water, so on a mid or high tide there is little or no risk of hitting the reef. This  slow moving wave  is suitable for beginning surfers. The wave can give very long rides, but it can also be crowded with a mix of beginner and expert surfers. Arrive at first light on a mid tide for best results. The wave here reforms on the inside, offering an option for first time surfers.

Old Man’s Surf Spot

Old Man’s is just on the other side of a channel from Batu Bolong. Like Batu Bolong, the wave here stands up slowly and peels slowly over a deep reef. It is also suitable for beginners but intermediates also enjoy the long rides this wave can give on the right swell. Old Man works on a slightly lower tide than Batu Bolong.

Echo Beach Surf Spots

Echo beach has several distinct intermediate to expert level surf spots. The first is Echo beach reef break itself, a left hand wave in front of the break water and the restaurants. The wave hits a pretty shallow reef suddenly and can barrel. It is not suitable for beginners. Intermediates will find stiff competition from experts here.

Sand Bar Surf Spot is next, also breaking suddenly, sometimes heavier than Echo reef, but it is a sand bottom so it is a little safer. It runs both right and left. Echo beach River Mouth Surf Spot follows. It is a right hander that can run almost all the way to sand bar.

Pererenan Stairs Surf Spot

The last surf spot in Canggu as you travel from southeast to northwest is named for the stairs leading down to the water. Stairs breaks over a mix of sand and rock. The reef is a little shallow on the inside so choose where to go in and out carefully. This spot has both a left hand and a right hand wave and is often less crowded than other spots for surfing in Canggu.

More Information on Canggu and Echo Beach Area

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